Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I have never owned a candle with a wooden wick. Should I be trimming my candle once purchased? 
A: When you purchase a candle from melt apothecary, we pre-trim all of our candles for the first light. We suggest that between each light, you pinch or trim your wick as recommended on our candle care card given with each purchase.

Q: What wax do you use?
A: Our candles and wax melts at melt apothecary are made with a luxury coconut or coconut apricot wax blend. We love this wax because it is much more clean burning than traditional waxes, does not contain any parabens or phtalates and is made with sustainable ingredients we can feel good about. 

Q: What are your wicks made of?
A: All of our wicks are made with wood from native fruit trees sourced from FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified mills and manufactured in North America. 

Q: Do you ship your candles and wax melts to the USA? 
A: Yes! We ship all of our products to the USA.

Q: Do you sell candles and wax melts internationally?
A: Unfortunately at this time, we only offer shipping to Canada and USA. Be sure to sign up for our VIP email list for announcements on any upcoming shipment locations.  
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