about us

melt apothecary is a women-owned candle company located in Prescott, ON. We specialize in luxurious coconut apricot crème candles and melts. We hand pour all of our products by hand, in small batches.

how it all started

Without a doubt, there is something so special about the aroma of a warm and inviting home - by virtue of a nice candle, wax melt or diffuser. Fragrances like these have the power to instantly whisk you away to cherished moment in time and boost your mood.

As wonderful as this sounds, there's a problem with this market. In today's society, it is very difficult to find candles and wax melts that smell great, are aesthetically pleasing and good for both you and the environment. Many big box store candles are priced at an enticing level, but are made with cheap ingredients filled with many harmful toxins and chemicals. This is a major problem that many consumers aren't aware of - but should be.

In late 2021 we decided to take this matter into our own hands. We were on a mission to create our own custom candle blends that would look incredible on a coffee table, smell as divine as a luxury brand; made with he highest quality ingredients. After months and months of research and testing, our blends were perfected and melt apothecary was born.

We believe that a great candle or fragrance can relax the mind and body, bringing peace and comfort to any space. We hope that our products encourage our customers to slow down and embrace these little pockets of joy, everyday.

Cheers to spreading the good and melting in the moments, together.

With love, Sue & Sophie (the mother-daughter duo)